Business Mentoring

 Professional business counselors will help you at any stage of your small business life-cycle. From pre-start up, start-up and post start-up.

Pre start- up

This is the most difficult stage in your business. You have a lot of fears of the unknown and doubts. You could be just having an idea and nothing more. Having been sensitized about business then bring! You have no idea where to start…..!
Visit a counselor to hear about opportunities, develop your idea into something tangible, ask questions, to get help or even just to talk about what is in your mind on business.

Start up
After your business plan, its time to get started. There are many things to consider, such as the funding. Other than the advice that our professional team gives you; there are other services such as the legal service or consultancy services.

Post start-up

You get after care through out your business. Guidance through the whole life of your business to ensure maximum success. You will also be advised on how to exit your venture. For example, you might create a legacy for your family or you might decide to sell. Contact Us