Accounting Consultancy


This entails the setup of accounting and record keeping systems and management accounting for micro, small and medium-sized businesses for purposes of assessing the performance of the business as well as filing tax returns. It also entails the preparation of management accounts, registration of companies designs and delivers short courses suitable for enterprises at various stages of business development.


The success of any business depends mostly on availability of markets. At SEDCO we assist entrepreneurs to access markets through;

  • Trade Shows / Exhibitions

SEDCO facilitate participation of small and medium businesses to local and external Trade Shows / Exhibitions. Through the Trade Shows / Exhibitions most of our SMEs are able to secure markets. Contact us for upcoming trade shows / exhibitions and SEDCO will facilitate your participation.


  • Business Linkages (B2B)

Business linkages have the potential to facilitate skills and technology transfer among Micro, Small and medium businesses. SEDCO views business Linkages as one of the ways to access markets as well as enhance small and medium business’s competiveness. In order to attain these SEDCO regularly organise meetings with SMEs and large Enterprises. If you are running a business or thinking of opening one don’t hesitate; contact us.


  • Swazi Trades’ link

The world relies mostly on technology to function. For a very long time Swazi small businesses have lagged behind technology as a result of unavailability of infrastructure. In a bid to breach the gap for Swazi entrepreneurs, SEDCO have created an online shopping mall for local businesses to showcase their businesses, products and services without any conventional opening time or geographic limitations. Businesses that have products or services and need to utilize this service can contact SEDCO and register to be featured on the online shopping mall.





OHOP SEDCO embarked on the One Household One Product (OHOP) programme to invigorate local entrepreneurship in the rural areas.     Through OHOP, SEDCO encourages Swatis to actively engage in business opportunities at the household level in order to be able to     utilize readily available resources productively hence transforming such households to economically productive units. The idea is to   encourage households that are located in close proximity to one another to organize themselves into producer clusters to create a critical   mass of produce that can be produced and marketed collectively. The programme targets to reach rural households which constitute   70% of the population of the country leveraging on the fact that rural communities have productive resources.