Business Training

 Book keeping is very simple in definition. It is actually defined as the recording of business transactions of money and money’s worth, in an orderly and systematic manner so that information with regard to the financial position of the business may be readily obtained.

How simple is that?!

A lot of people need your business books. Most commonly, when you need a loan your bank manager will need your books.

This course will help you to master the task of collecting and recording the financial information of your business.

Course Scope and Content

Purpose of bookkeeping. You should understand why you even need to keep your business’ books
Who will actually use your books in depth? You also get to understand what you benefit from those using your books Office work.

You will understand how your business needs to be run and learn the best office procedures for your small business success.

Cash management and its link to book keeping.

You discover all the pitfalls and the means of safeguarding your cash. You in fact are in business for the cash right!

1. Study all fraud gimmicks and how to discover them

2. Specific controls for small businesses

3. The proper books to keep and how to keep them.

Not just your bookkeeper needs this course,the entrepreneur needs it too. Contact our trainers now (Contact Us)