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SEDCO is a category “A” public enterprise under the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Trade established in 1970 to awaken, promote and support entrepreneurial talent with a vision and prime focus to create jobs and sustainable employment within the Small, Micro and Medium Sized Enterprises (SMME’s) and thus make meaningful contribution in the larger socio-economic development of the country.

Since establishment, a nationwide demand for SEDCO’s business education, training and consultancy services has been observed from active and potential entrepreneurs. Through our services, a substantial number of our clients have received financial support from local financial institutions. This is an indication that SEDCO is aggressively taking its rightful role in facilitating and guiding entrepreneurial activities in the country’s critical economic driver, the SMME sector.


To be the centre of excellence for entrepreneurship in the kingdom of Swaziland



 The Small Enterprises Development Company Limited (SEDCO) is committed to the Development and Promotion of Swazi owned Small, Micro and Medium sized Enterprises (SMME’s) throughout Swaziland. It has been doing that since inception through the provision of a package of services that suit the needs of the market.



 “To contribute to the country’s economic development through facilitative interventions in entrepreneurial activities to ensure a vibrant SMME sector and meaningful support to Swaziland’s poverty reduction programmes.



 The main goal of SEDCO is to help stimulate the Micro, Small and Medium Scale enterprise sector, which contributes to increased employment opportunities and the creation of wealth through turning job seekers to job makers.



“Business Growth is our Business”.



 The SEDCO Board of Directors is committed to the highest standard of corporate governance as we work with the structures of the organization and balancing the responsibilities given to us by our shareholder and the interests of other key stakeholders. The Board’s primary function is to support and advise management on the delivery of the company’s strategy within a clear governance framework. We see good governance as an essential foundation for the long-term success and sustainability of SEDCO.



 The staff complement is currently at 35 employees and is led by Mr. Dorrington Matiwane who is the Managing Director. The company is keen in keeping and maintaining healthy employees. Employees enjoy contributory medical schemes as well as compulsory pension and group life cover. In addition, members of staff also benefit from housing scheme through the Swaziland Royal Insurance Corporation Defined contribution Scheme.  The company is also committed to staff development and training of its employees to better face the challenges that come with business opportunities. The employees are trained in different courses relevant to challenges of their scope of work.



SEDCO has established estates in the four regions of Swaziland, a position that allows her to reach out to her clients with ease. These estates are situated in the following areas:


  1. Nhlangano - opposite the post office building.
  2. Hlatikhulu - next to police station
  3. Mbabane Industrial Site - next to Government stores
  4. Sidwashini Industrial Site
  5. Vuvulane - next to Vuvulane Irrigation Farming
  6. Manzini - next to the old Metro Cash 'n Carry
  7. Matsapha - opposite Kamdodi/Dump site
  8. Piggs Peak - along Bulembu Road
  9. Macetjeni (Gilgal)  - Dvokodvweni Inkhundla road


SEDCO also reaches the masses through Tinkhundla Centres.